The Coast

The Coast

The Ecuadorian coast has a vast and varied range of attractions, such as protected areas (Machalilla, Churute Mangroves, El Morro, Mache Chindul), impressive cities (Guayaquil, Salinas, Puerto López, Manta and Bahía de Caráquez, among others), exquisite gastronomy, culture - in its museums and archaeological sites. The southern coastal region is where Guayaquil and its International Airport (GYE) are located.

This region has a strong identity and is an important part of the country. The most representative product of the country, the Toquilla Straw Hat - also known as the Panama Hat – originated from the Ecuadorian Coast.

There is still the tradition of weaving these hats with fine strands of a palm tree in the provinces of Santa Elena and Manabí - creating a hat with its own identity, steeped in history.

g1Guayaquil is the city with the largest population of the country; with more than three million inhabitants. It is the economic capital of Ecuador...


ballenaFrom: Guayaquil
Tour: Puerto López - Manta
Duration: Package 3D - 2N
Recommendations: sunscreen, a bathing suit, camera


p1On this tour you will learn about the product that could be considered the "most Ecuadorian" of all: the Toquilla straw hat - more commonly known as the "Panama Hat". 


m3To the southwest of Guayaquil you can reach El Morro Port. Here we begin a tour in a small boat, through the mangroves of this important ecosystem.


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