The Coast
Guayaquil is the city with the largest population of the country; with more than three million inhabitants. It is the economic capital of Ecuador, due to the presence of important companies, the port and the airport which help move much of the national products and production.

In recent years Guayaquil has undergone a significant and positive transformation and this has given the city a new face. As a result, the city offers many attractions that make it a new and important destination in Ecuador.

Major urban regeneration have taken place in the last two decades, making Guayaquil an exciting place to visit on foot, by walking through its streets and the Malecón (waterfront), which reflect the history of a vibrant and progressive city.

The neighborhood “Las Peñas” located in the Santa Ana Hill, is now a major tourism sector after its houses, streets and stairways were restored, allowing visitors the chance to see the city from high up and view the estuaries, mangroves, the river and the enjoy the cooling breeze.

Similarly, the Historical Park is one of the most important projects for the rescue of wild flora and fauna in Ecuador. There you will see how the Malecón from the 1900s takes us to the era of the Pepa de Oro, the cocoa, which was the main exportable product that played a part in an important turning point in the history of the country.

All of this is just a small sample of the new Guayaquil. We invite you to discover it.

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